Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Be My Guest

{I'm in bed, covered up in a prayer shawl.  I'm sweaty, but have decided I need the therapeutic shawl effect more than I need ventilation.}

My friend, Not Dunmire, introduced me to Apartment Therapy and I'm spending a lot of time there.  Here's my dream home.  It makes me happy to see that my dream home and my actual home are not that different in style.  The dream is clean, but I'm sure they just cleaned up real nice-like for the photos.

I want one of these gorgeous works of art.  I discovered it on Making It Lovely where my dream closet is also featured.  (When I tried to purchase a wardrobe at IKEA on Tuesday based on this inspiration, I couldn't find any employees to help me and I got all down-trodden and that was when I started feeling ill.  I left IKEA again without spending any money - except on meatballs -and it's a long damn way to go for meatballs.)

I need a last push on my home improvement projects of the moment...I'm running out of steam.  Can't someone plan to come and stay at my house?  (I'll let you use my shawl.)  That will motivate me to get stuff done.  And a houseguest is way easier than having another baby.  Usually.

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Olivejenny said...

Well, God love you with your white upholstery. I tried that once but it only lasted a couple weeks. In fact, I'm sitting on their beige replacements right now. ;)

And thanks for the links! I have zigged instead of zagging with my former kitchen ideas (thanks partly to Jean the Hippie Cook!) and am in need of some new inspiration. (Oy! Did you just hear Not Ronny moan?) Hint: I'm now thinking of doing the most scandalous thing EVER and taking the doors off my cabinets! (gasp!) (trust me, they're hideous. This is better than taking an ax to them, which is what they deserve.)

And HOW awesome is that closet!! Though I'm not sure whether I'm in love with her closet or her shoes. I'd love to visit if you promise to wash the sweaty shawl. ;)