Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A week down. Weak.

This was the evening I had planned to down a beer and two Simply Sleep at 8:30pm. My Lenten promise is keeping me up late every night. It's a good thing I didn't also make an "early to bed" committment.

->Grocery shopping for a lactose-intolerant, vegetarian 10 year-old is bullshit.<-

Join me for a dance. Then, please save me from the repetitive dance music on my itunes and make some recs. After 8 days, I need new material.

I never said I'd be funny or insightful, I just said I'd show up. (I will add that I promise to neither talk about nor post photos of my cats, but that's all the quality control I'm willing to extend.)


Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olivejenny said...

Grocery shopping for a committed organic-eating 42 year old is also bullshit. How many grocery stores does it take to find organic mayonnaise...? Organic is the new Pollock. Sure, it's inconvenient, but it's also a complete pain in the ass.

Load Incubus, Battlestar Scralatchtica into your iPod and boogie on, Not Stacy. (cats hate it) Of course, there's always Blame it on the Boogie! Try to listen to that without dancing, I dare you.

The Mike said...

I am always curious about the comments that are deleted.

Look at my profile and go to the boxes tab. Click to open all the links. Plenty of music to dance to.


The Mike said...

I'm sorry. That should have read, "Look at my Facebook profile..."

clarebh said...

Hey, I figured out how to follow you! Yay for me! Don't worry -- the bar for my friends' blogs is set very low. Just show up, and I will, too. This is fun!

PS, once you've read Michael Pollan, shopping in general feels like running the gantlet of chemicals, hazards and personal peril. And I wasn't so fond of it BEFORE I started trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup and xantham gum! Now it REALLY sucks. And it's expensive.

Olivejenny said...

clarebh, you are my soul sister. (Btw, Not Stacy, that should also be on your iPod, if it isn't already.) Organic may be the new Pollock, but Pollan is the new Nader. Love, Omnivore Imbroglio

Not Stacy said...

Bummed - just realize the link to the song is broken and I can't remember what song it was. See what I mean about quality control?