Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are you cooler than an 8th grader?

Tonight, I was driving along in the Swagger Wagon with five young teens. We'd had dinner at Benihana and were headed home to continue C's birthday revelry when it happened. Bust A Move started to play.

I turned to C and asked in a hushed tone, "May I dance?"

C replied without hesitating, "Yes."

Then, as I started to raise my hands in the air like I just don't care, she appended, "just keep your hands on the wheel!"

And car dance I did, while keeping my hands at ten and two. How many other 14 year olds would give their Mom permission to literally bust a move in front of their friends? She's the coolest. Me, not so much.

Speaking of dancing, I am happy to report that I have sore knees from the daily dancing. Three days of dancing for just five minutes each time (3x5=15) and my knees are shot. You can make me suffer, Lent, but you can't make me stop.


Smart-Cookie said...

Fist bump to C! Nothing is cooler than that! (no matter which grade you're in) ... Car dancing is good for the abs, I hear.

And fist bump to Not Stacy for rockin the celebration and discipline! W00t!

Lise said...

You ARE cool -- you took five girls to Benihana! And then you *asked* if you could car dance! There is clearly a mutual respect happening here with you and C and I like the sound of it. (You already know how I feel about those Disney shows with disrespectful, talking-back teens!)

The Mike said...

Don't ever stop. "C" is the coolest. My kids used to tell us all the time, "Don't show up in the same club I'm going to." Now, they're over it. They come to clubs we go to!

We don't go out as often as we used to because we haven't liked the music and the people. In fact, my wife keeps trying to convince me to dance in the living room, but I get the feeling that it would weird me out in some way to do that. I have always seen dancing in a much more social context.

I salute you for being resolute in your regimen. Be strong momma!