Saturday, February 27, 2010


I found myself at the booze sample table at Whole Foods tonight. Usually they're serving wine, but this time they were making Black and Tans. A Black and Tan is Guinness (black) layered in the glass on top of pale ale (tan). They were marketing the drinks as "Black and Blues" since the pale ale brand they were promoting is called Blue Moon.
The key to layering the drink, I learned, is a pouring spoon. I scored a free sample, a free lesson AND a free adorable, shiny pouring spoon. Then, I bee-lined it to the beer aisle and bought $25 worth of beer. Their sales scheme worked.

I made several/many/lots of these drinks tonight and it was entertaining and yummy. Someday (soon) when I repeat this party trick, I will undoubtedly go back to the Blue Moon brand. I will faithfully call them Black and Blues instead of Black and Tans. I've been mind-controlled and I like it.

Note: Not a paid endorsement, but an endorsement nonetheless.

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