Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Because it's Tuesday

I set up this little spot on the internets for myself (and you!) almost two years ago. I've never been able to start yapping into the void. I decided today that Lent 2010 is my rationalization, reason, inspiration to get going already.

Lent is not meant to be a self-help program, though many people think of it like a second chance at those New Year's resolutions. (How can I parlay my faith into a diet program? What thing that I absolutely LOVE, what special, personal thing that makes life worth living do I want to deny myself for the next 40 (44) days?)

I decided today to observe Lent in two ways: celebration and discipline. (Let me take you aside and mention that I'm not Catholic, nor do I know anything much about any religion, except perhaps Dudeism

In celebration, I will dance every day of Lent. I will most likely dance in my kitchen. I started this morning and got a little closer to Jesus shaking my ass to Fergalicious and Paparazzi. My reason for dancing is that I've been a bit down in recent months. When I think of all the things I SHOULD do, like exercise and cut back on coffee and go to bed earlier, I don't feel my mood lifting. Foolishly performing my floor show in the kitchen makes me smile always, so I'm going to do it everyday to remind myself what fun is.

For discipline, I will post here each day. This will be really hard for me, and perhaps this is what the traditionalists want to put me through with their version of Lenten observation. I don't even like to shower on a daily basis. Maybe someone will read it, maybe I'll tinker with the format of the page, perhaps I'll dabble in politics, current events or fashion or something else I have no business commenting about. 40 (44) days of disciplined dabbling is what I'm in for. Are you in?


Smart-Cookie said...

I'm in! :D

Sharon said...

You KNOW I'm in for whatever you got, sister.

The Mike said...

All in! I can't wait.

snoozq32 said...

Glad I am now with the party. Reading this I realize we have a lot in common. :) I am in!