Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nuthin's up

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I have nothing to say. I could ramble about taking my adorable daughter for her fabulous pixie cut today. Or about buying briars instead of flowers, hoping my petal-munching cat will maim herself. There are the socks I've yet to mate that are just staring at me.

Diary, I don't have the will or the energy to try to develop any of this into a story. Believe me, if I figure out how to make the sock thing interesting, I will do it.

Instead, I'm embracing the technical side of this blogventure - I learned how to embed videos in the html code. (I know, I know - you've known how to do that for 10 years - quit yer braggin, Diary.) I will share the fruits of my labor with you now.

Great music + hot moves + wicked html skills = shut up and dance

Yours til the dance moves,
Not Stacy

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