Friday, February 26, 2010


I want to be an opera lover. All day I carefully prepared for seeing Cosi fan Tutte tonight. I bought a dress, downloaded $29.99 worth of Mozart on itunes and read up on the libretto. Along the way, I made the tough choice to wear clogs with my new dress. Then, I couldn't figure out how to get the itunes to stop shuffling the songs, so CCR and Joe Jackson kept popping up in the opera and had to be vanquished. I really had no idea the "words" were called a libretto, but now I do and so do you. Thank you, wikipedia.

I was now ready to be an opera lover. The Winspear Opera House was spectacular. Cosi fan Tutte is a comedy and I had no trouble following the story. The voices and costumes were amazing. The seats were 8th row, dead center. Most importantly, I was with my dear friend (can I refer to her as Not Loni? oh please, oh please) and she adores the opera. She was bouyant and smiling and humming the whole time. Perfect, yeah?

I wrote on facebook about going to the opera, saying I was, "bringing my lighter, planning to dance." Oh, yes, hahaha. Should have been, "bringing my snuggie*, planning to nap." I was asleep within minutes. At intermission, I downed a cup of coffee, went back to my seat and was snoozing away again within 15 minutes. Not really perfect. Apologies, Not Loni.

Perhaps one type of opera lover is someone who finds the experience so incredibly relaxing, they fall sleep like a baby being rocked to a lullaby. If so, count me in.

*I don't have a snuggie. I wear clogs to the opera, but I draw the line at wearing a snuggie.


Olivejenny said...
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Sharon said...

You looked lovely, you went out on the town, and (most importantly) you didn't abandon Not Loni for the evening just because opera isn't your thing. Not Stacy for the win!

P.S. Glad you worked out the hosiery/footwear issues that were plaguing you.

P.P.S. People don't really call her "Loni," do they?