Monday, April 9, 2012

Working It Out

Oh, the halcyon days when exercise was fun and easy. I'm kidding! Exercise was never fun nor easy for me but I do remember doing jumping jacks to this song. (Good old Wonderama!)

With the long slog through middle age, exercise has gotten more urgent and necessary  - and complicated and sweaty and techie.

Last October, I ran the Odessa Crossroads Marathon in majestic West Texas. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to do the October 2012 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. Races in October are lovely but the long training runs throughout a balmy Texas summer is a whipping. (Bring it.)(Okay, I find myself saying things like Bring It so perhaps I'm having a little fun.)

Speaking of balmy, I have added a second exercise to my routine: hot yoga. I brought my friend Katherine with me last week and she wrote about it on her blog. So, sweat, yeah. Sweating is my thing, I guess.

And now that I am a freaking WORKOUT QUEEN, I simply cannot keep track of all my feats of speed, endurance and flexibility without some social media-generated positive reinforcement. I'm tracking my feats on Fitocracy. I don't so much care about the social part but I like keeping a record.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it's because I'll be agonizing over my training schedule to take me through the next seven months. It's agony for me only because I've never planned anything lasting seven or more months, other than two of my three pregnancies.

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