Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Year

Kept thinking I'd write something again. Maybe start on my birthday... New Year's Day? Start again at the beginning of Lent? Sure. Now here I am at the end of Lent and I'm finally weaseling my way back onto the internets.
Why now? Something about this time of year is unsettling for me. Not in a bad way. I'd always thought the back-to-school season was my true new year what with all the transition and new lunch boxes. But spring is proving to be my turning-over-new-leaf-time and well, duh. It is spring after all.
It doesn't feel all funky fresh like I think spring should, though. It is unsettling, this time of growth and change. I mean, spring cleaning is no picnic and picnics are the most over-rated form of eating out EVER. The pastel clothing makes no sense and I'm all clogs or sandals? So, I'm here, not at a neat, tidy moment, bringing my clean slate to the table. I'll unsettle myself and shake out the cobwebs and maybe by summertime I'll be shiny and new.

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