Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Kinda Wet Day

- Running with a full bladder is kinda uncomfortable. Remember to pee before you go out for a jog.
- Running in the rain wearing glasses is kinda hard if said glasses don't have tiny windshield wipers.
- Mowing the lawn at noon is kinda insane until a sweet child appears on the deck with a glass of ice water. Then it's way fun.
- Needing to take two showers in one day is bullshit - or kinda bad planning.
- Forgetting about an appointment until just minutes before means running into a fancy schmancy North Dallas dentist office with hair still wet from one of two daily showers. Kinda uncouth.
- Getting caught in the rain while shopping is kinda worth it if you're at a groovy outdoor shopping center instead of a mall.

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