Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cooking With Gas

I recently mentioned my desire to recapture my will to cook. We eat out way too often and I go to the grocery store everyday, at the last minute, with no list, in search of the next meal. Today, I went to the store at the last minute BUT I had a list and a plan this time.

On the To Sir With Love night, when I went out to dinner during intermission, my soup was a carrot puree with a balsamic accent. The whole family sampled it and loved it. I replicated that dish tonight (yum, balsamic reduction) and got raves all around. Raves for carrots. Go figure. Carrot Puree with Balsamic is the second recipe I ever made up myself (or sort of ripped off). My only other recipe is for black beans. I'm on pace to publish a cookbook in another 67 years.

Since I started my vegan venture, I feel like my food choices are expanding rather than becoming more restrictive. I'm looking around for delicious options and new ideas and I've rarely been disappointed. I know, I know, talking about healthy eating is dull. I'll just add that I have a sense of well-being since changing my diet and it makes sense. As we learned while parenting babies and toddlers: if they're pooping and they're sleeping, they're happy. (I'm a chick, so I don't actually poop at all and I don't care to discuss it. I don't know why you brought it up. And when I say cooking with gas, I'm not referring to farting at all - chicks don't fart, not even vegan chicks. Just drop it. This is juvenile.)

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